Clinical Consultations

Please note that due to the current global pandemic, all clinical consultations held by Dr. Jobst are being done in a virtual environment using Zoom video. 
A full post-consultation letter detailing Dr Jobst’ analysis, thoughts and suggestions will follow within a week of the consultation.

New Enquiry

This will be with Dr Jobst’s PA, Lisa Fisher, who will be able to take your personal details and answer any questions you may have, this will lead to the initial 30 minute paid telephone consultation with Dr Jobst.

Initial Telephone Consultation

Your first appointment will be a half hour telephone call, to begin the whole process of exploring your unique history to date, unless of course, an urgent appointment in person is required.

Initial Clinic Consultation

This first appointment will ordinarily be a two-hour consultation with Dr Jobst and will involve a physical examination and then to explore a strategy going forwards. This will include exploring which tests are indicated (routine bloods tests and any other investigations and also functional medicine investigations which cover nutritional, biochemical and physiological status).

What happens next?

Will be in person, by telephone or by Skype, whichever is most appropriate, and for as long as is needed.

Dr. Jobst provides email and telephone support which is charged at the telephone consultation rate. The same applies to substantive follow-up correspondence, referral letters, specific research or enquiries made on your behalf.

Travel time and reasonable expenses will be added to the invoice for the consultation.

"I know you are tired, but come, this is the way" 



Phone: 01432 818090